Scott's Journals

February 05, 2010

  • Last week, Sahil and I partitioned the lessons between each other and worked on them. I first took some time to come up with a re-ordering of the lessons, choosing what I believe to be the best order based on the difficulty of the lessons, the importance of the concepts presented, and the interest/excitement they'll likely generate in the students.
  • Then, Sahil did the first 5 lessons and I the last 4 of the new ordering, which were: 1) Playing with Alice, an introduction to Alice where they go through a tutorial and are then walked through creating the tutorial in order to introduce many of the basic ideas and most of the important workspaces for working in Storytelling Alice, 2) Parallelism, a lesson teaching kids about the concept of parallelism using Storytelling Alice's easy-to-use Do Together language construct, 3) Running Around in Loops, about loops (for loops with simple iteration), 4) Method to making methods, where the concept of a method or 'action' is taught, 5) What If, about conditional statements, 6) Sounds, about using sound files in Storytelling Alice, 7) Variables, teaching the concept of a variable, 8) Creating Classes, about, unsurprisingly, creating classes (which are actually more like a concrete object for the most part in SA), and 9) Recursion, tackling the difficult concept of recursion.
  • Sahil and I retuned the wording, tried to explain more of what they were doing without being long-winded using sidebars, and in my case, finished any uncompleted lessons (7).
  • This week, since we need feedback before continuing with the lessons, Sahil and I will be helping Michelle with the website she is creating.