Scott's Journals

October 26, 2009

  • This week I finished up a lesson on what methods are and how to create them. I also touched up the lesson on conditionals and while loops that I almost finished last week and finished it.
  • This week I'm going to find something else to make a lesson about and/or fix up some lessons that have been created previously, making them mesh together more, making them clearer, and finishing up some key terms and exercises at the ends of lessons.
October 21, 2009

  • This week I started on another couple of lessons. I've almost finished one and have good ideas about how to do the second.
  • We're going to meet up tomorrow and get some revising done. I'm going to finish up both of the lessons this week and hopefully get a good amount of revision on previous lessons done in the group.
October 12, 2009

  • Unfortunately, Michelle, Sahil and I were yet again unable to find a good time to meet.
  • I wrote up Lesson 4 this week. I expect to be working on revising this, Lesson 1, and a Lesson involving terminology this week. If we can meet up, perhaps we could do all of our revisings to our satisfaction (for now, anyway) and work on a new lesson together.
October 05, 2009

  • This week I revamped Lesson 1 to make it in the format of the template that Michelle and I decided upon, added a lot of pictures, made a little bit of terminology at the end of it, and tried to make the wording simpler and more understandable.
  • I'm going to meet up with Sahil and Michelle sometime this week and we'll work on the lessons together, which will hopefully enhance the quality of the lessons, since we'll have multiple people examining it, we might be able to help each other even do it faster.