Michelle's Journals

February 08, 2010

  • Due to the nasty weather conditions last Friday, we had our meeting via Skype at 5:30pm Friday.
  • I presented the site ( to the group and received some feedback for updates. First, change the "News Articles" page to Publications and add a "News" page for awards (like Gabriel's poster). Also, I need to add a "People" page to show whose on the research. We plan to use the site to post our material as well, so I'm creating a curriculum tab for that and we'll post our material when ready. There were also aethetic problems with the first creation (like the background bleeds into the text making it difficult to read) in which I plan to fix this week. I need to also add the links to SERViCE and fresca on the site.
  • I am also in charge of finding out if Kinko's will do the cd labels and jackets for us. I plan to call them on Wednesday or Thursday.