Michelle's Journals

November 30, 2009

  • Over the past two weeks, we've been going over and refining the previous lessons.
  • We just received new feedback from Dr. Feng to add explanations within the steps in which the children follow so they understand what they are doing and it's drilled in their head.
  • Also, Dr Feng wants us to convert at least one document to pdflatex so that we learn basic concepts for make files (which will be important for us to learn for the upcoming Intro to Computing Systems class next semester).
November 23, 2009

  • It's Thanksgiving break!
November 17, 2009

  • Although we didn't have a meeting this week because our advisers are at a conference, we do still have tasks to be done.
  • I have made the new banner for this website and sent it out for feedback before we decide to post it.
  • I plan to revisit the lessons already made and make sure that when new terminology is encountered in one of the stes of the lesson that is clearly defined and explained to the student. Also, make sure that the terminology is summarized at the end of each lesson.
  • I also plan to revisit all the storyboards and make corresponding extra exercises for the rest of the lessons.
November 09, 2009

  • Created a draft copy for Lesson 9 on creating classes. This lesson combines a bunch of the concepts learned from previous lessons and gives the student the power to use their imagination.
  • Plan to start converting lessons from .doc to LaTeX to make it easier for the curriculum team to manage after Thanksgiving to wrap up everything.
  • This week, I plan to revisit all the lessons already done and fix the summaries and terminologies and add more extra exercises to each lesson. We want to summarize and emphasize the new concepts and add saving the templates to all the lessons so the kids can grab them for later lessons.
November 02, 2009

  • Talked to Dr. Feng about what he exactly wanted for the remaining lessons: manipulating pictures, recursion, creating classes, and exporting to movies. Since we are selling Storytelling Alice as making your own movies, we need to get the export to movie function to work in Alice.
  • Revised current lessons by added extra exercises and key terms where they were missing.
  • Decided that we need to convert all out lessons from .doc to LaTeX because it will be easier to reference past lessons and editing for the curriculum team.
  • Plan to brainstorm and try to finish another lesson on creating classes, which deals with in importing pictures into Alice and creating methods for those objects to use in the World.