Michelle's Journals

October 26, 2009

  • Sent out an updated .zip file of all the lessons we have so far. I filled in the key terms and extra exercises sections of each of the finished lessons. We still have a couple lessons that are pending and need key terms and extra exercises sections to be filled.
  • Plan to continue making lessons based on the strawman curriculum we have. Since we're not exactly sure what we want to do for the broad topics yet, we're going to try to at least get a draft lesson out for manipulating pictures and creating classes by next week and modify the lessons as we deem necessary.
October 21, 2009

  • Talked to Dr. Feng about Lesson 7, manipulating sound in Alice. We will give the kids samples of music they can use or even possibly teach the kids how to find their own music. I need to make some mix samples to cater the variety of interests of all the kids. I will revise this lesson once we have a definite way grabbing the music.
  • I am compiling all the lessons that we have already created, which includes about 8 lessons. I am going to work on creating extra exercises for those lessons. I'll send this to Dr. Feng by Friday so he can look them over and we can fill the gaps between the lessons, or make the lessons flow better.
October 19, 2009

  • I finished up the draft of Lesson 7, manipulating sound in Alice. I sent it out and I am waiting for feedback for revisions.
  • Our weekly meeting was rescheduled to Wednesday due to scheduling conflicts so I am waiting till Wednesday to figure out whether we should provide multiple sound clips to cater to most children's interests.
October 12, 2009

  • Finished up final revisions on Lesson 2, which taught the ice skater tutorial and how to recreate it. I sent it out and awaiting feedback. I added more pictures and descriptions to make the lesson more fun and user friendly.
  • Talking with Dr. Feng to figure out what the plan for the curriculum is as a whole. We need to go over what lessons we have and how to works into his new plan for the curriculum.
  • Planning to meet up with Scott and Sahil to work on the curriculum on Tuesday. We'll work on revisions to what we already have and plan the next lessons to come including conditions and loops (more complex ones than Scott's lesson 4 on loops).
October 05, 2009

  • Began setting up the main scene in which our lessons will use. We decided on a cafeteria scene with a food fight. It seems juvenile enough to keep their attention and easy to implement with all objects already in the gallery.
  • Revising lesson two, which is doing the ice skater tutorial and recreating that world, and lesson three on parallelism. I need to add even more pictures, to use even simpler language and add more descriptions of what they are actually doing and why it's important.
  • Planning to meet with the rest of the curriculum team, if we can find a meeting time that works with everyone's schedule, to work on reivision and future lesson plans, which will include loops, functions, and conditionals.