Gabriel's Journals

April 18, 2010

  • This last week we went to Blacksburg New School, during class hours, to teach Lesson 1. We found several places to improve the lesson.
  • In addition, Sahil and I wrote a draft of the consent form which Dr. Feng edited.
  • Billy sent out instructions on setting up a virtual machine running Ubuntu so that we could test Storytelling Alice 2.2 on Linux. I set up the VM, but have not yet begun testing.
  • Finally, after reading Xenoprof and GViM, I met with Dr. Gardner and Dr. Feng to discuss the papers and what area would be best for me to pursue this summer.
  • We have determined a project I could work on in the area of virtualizing hardware performance counters. We saw a possible area for virtualizing GPUs, but were not certain, so I am to read further into GViM and a related paper about VMGL.
  • In addition, as both areas will likely have me working with Xen, I will look further into it.