Gabriel's Journals

April 11, 2010

  • Last week I read and briefly summarized papers for Xenoprof, PAPI (an API for accessing CPU performance counters), and GViM.
  • Also, I worked with Billy to get MySQL databases made for the SERVICE and MyVICE sites. We will be using these for our journal entries and for feedback from parents and students that use Storytelling Alice.
  • On Friday we were to go to Beeks and Harding. I was not able to attend, unfortunately, as I had to be at the physics department awards ceremony.
  • Finally, yesterday we went to KTU once again from 12 to 4pm.
  • This next week I will continue to read and summarize papers. I would like to try to meet with Dr. Feng separately from the normal meetings to discuss these.
  • Also, I am to work with Sahil to create a consent form to pass out at Blacksburg New School before we go next Friday.