Gabriel's Journals

March 28, 2010

  • It turned out that last Friday was the day before the local schools' Spring Break and therefore we chose to begin teaching the curriculum after their break.
  • As such, this past week I have focused on my literature search. I have found only a handful of papers that use CPU performance counters in VMs, and most deal with a tool called Xenoprof.
  • Also, I have been reading up on the performance counters so as to learn how they function. This has led me to read about PAPI, a programming interface enabling access to the counters.
  • For the next week I shall continue my work in the area and begin writing summaries of the more important papers to give to and discuss with Dr. Feng and Dr. Gardner.
March 19, 2010

  • Over Spring Break I met with Dr. Feng and Dr. Gardner. We spoke about virutalizing performance counters, which I began looking into this past week. I was to start with a literature search of past work in the area.
  • This past week, also, I went to Kinko's with Sahil to once again put in the order for CDs with Storytelling Alice. We made sure they could properly burn a copy and we hope to have the batch ready for April 10th's KTU.
  • Finally, next week we will likely begin teaching the curriculum at a few elementary schools in the Blacksburg area.
March 05, 2010

  • This past week we participated in Kids' Tech University, letting the kids and their parents play with Storytelling Alice. We also got to distribute our first batch of CDs, with the first lesson, and we are hoping to get feedback from this.
  • Billy and I worked on the new SERVICE web site and made it live.
  • Next week is Spring Break, but I will be trying to meet with Dr. Feng and Dr. Gardner to discuss virtualizing performance counters.
  • In addition, I will be making a few small changes to the SERVICE site on Dr. Feng's recommendation.