Gabriel's Journals

October 26, 2009

  • Last week I was able to produce a LiveCD using Debian and began creating one for Arch Linux.
  • The Debian LiveCD does not yet contain Storytelling Alice, so this week I will be creating a LiveCD with the software and also complete the Arch Linux one.
  • When Billy finishes his port, I will put it in my LiveCDs so we can test those environments.
October 21, 2009

  • Last week we published the site's new journal system.
  • I provided Dr. Tilevich's graduate student working on J-Orchestra with our Linux port of Storytelling Alice so that he may test it.
  • I discovered that my test machine's hard drive is failing, so I had to back up the contents and will have to find a replacement.
  • As I am waiting on the new version of J-Orchestra, for the coming week I will be looking into delivery methods for Storytelling Alice. Specifically, I am to create small LiveCD images with Storytelling Alice preloaded.
October 12, 2009

  • This past week I set up a virtual machine to run Storytelling Alice in using J-Orchestra.
  • I ran into issues as J-Orchestra was designed to be used with an old version of Java.
  • I talked to its creator, Dr. Tilevich, and met with one of his graduate students that is working on a new version. For now I will provide him with our Linux port so that he may test running it using J-Orchestra.
  • Last week I worked on the site and have nearly finalized it. It will hopefully be going up in a few days.
October 05, 2009

  • This past week I briefly looked over lesson 3 and gave a bit of feedback.
  • I continued working with Billy and Scott on the new site.
  • My literature review for power-aware virtualization is complete and I plan to meet with Dr. Feng this week to discuss my findings.
  • I have set up an environment to test Storytelling Alice running in a VM and partitioned with J-Orchestra. I will be getting our code and testing the setup this week.