Billy's Journals

March 28, 2010

  • I began working on the function in Storytelling Alice to create an image from the currently rendered data.
  • I am having problems accessing the data. It appears that the program setup is not quite the same when running the JOGL renderer as when running the DirectX renderer, since the DirectX renderer seems to be an independent component.
  • I believe I have the code setup to properly parse the data, but still need to find where the data being displayed is stored and how to access it.
March 19, 2010

  • We met to discuss the necessary tasks to complete for the next Kid's Tech University. We also discussed beginning to teach the curriculum we have to local schools.
  • I looked into the video exporting code since it did not run correctly in Linux. It seems it may require the same code as the picture taking function, so I will be attempting to complete that function this coming week.
  • I will continue testing for more bugs in the Storytelling Alice 2.2 code.
March 05, 2010

  • Last week we attended Kids' Tech University, taking a look at how kids reacted to our first lesson and the program overall. We put up a simple feedback system which we hope to improve on soon, and we hope to get lots of helpful feedback.
  • I switched the image in the world loading screen for Storytelling Alice 2.2 per Dr. Feng's request. It now shows an image that labels the program as Storytelling Alice.
  • Fixed the bug which caused Storytelling Alice 2.2 to try and save before any world data was loaded.
  • Managed to successfully test the video exporting tool in Windows, but have not been able to test it in Linux yet. I hope to do this over Spring Break.
  • Finally, we made the redesigned SERVICE site live.