Billy's Journals

February 26, 2010

  • Met to discuss the plans for tomorrow's Kid's Tech University event where we will be testing out the first lesson of our curriculum.
  • I mainly focused on testing the .iso that Gabriel created to make sure it was ready for this Saturday. I helped ensure the proper files were included in the right locations.
  • Located the cause of a glitch in Storytelling Alice 2.2 where it would attempt to save before a world had been loaded. Still need to test the video exporter and create the JOGL render image function.
  • Redesigned the SERVICE website with Gabriel. Through css and php, I created a new design for the journals page. With a few final modifications, the new design should be live this week.
February 19, 2010

  • Met to discuss the progress we've made and need to make for Kid's Tech next weekend.
  • This week will focus on making sure we're ready for the event next weekend.
  • I got sound working in Storytelling Alice 2.2 on both Windows and Linux, since there was an error when trying to use them.
  • I also wrote up a script for running the program quickly and easily in both Windows and Linux.
  • I need to write a method to grab an image from the JOGL renderer and also test the video exporter.
  • I will mostly be trying to help with the Kid's Tech preparation this week.
February 12, 2010

  • Continued working on getting the updated version of Storytelling Alice working on linux.
  • It now runs on one of the test machines. The other currently seems to have a problem with the graphics on the computer.
  • I will be making the version that runs available to the group for further testing.
  • I will also be attempting to find and fix problems such as errors with picture taking.
February 05, 2010

  • This week I continued to work on the Storytelling Alice 2.2 port with Gabe.
  • I have gotten Storytelling Alice 2.2 working on Windows with a few errors during runtime still.
  • Gabe and I have set up two new Linux systems for testing since we believe there have been some errors due to the way Linux was set up on the last system we used for testing.
  • Made sure the git repository was up to date and properly set up.