Latest Journals

May 02, 2010

  • I went out to Harding Elementary on Friday and showed Lesson 3, which teaches the concept of loops.
  • Discussed the effectiveness of the lessons and a few other ideas about deployment of the lessons in different settings. Plan to use these ideas next week.
  • Testing the stability of the Storytelling Alice 2.2 port to Linux on a VirtualBox VM. There appears to be an unexplained issue with using it in a VM where it will crash when trying to play the video.
  • I have checked the settings of the VM, modifying them to see if it is possible to affect the problem. It has not changed.
August 06, 2010

  • This past week I finished putting all of the lessons and the appendix on installing Storytelling Alice into my template. I was able to edit some obvious spelling and grammar errors, but still have some editing to do, particularly with how things are worded.
  • I also began work on the final report, getting a general outline together and beginning to write some of the sections. In particular, I have tried to write down what I did this past semester. From the other members of the project, I requested short summaries also so that I can incorporate their contributions to the report.
  • This next week I will be working on the report. Next week's journal will be the last one for the project.
April 30, 2010

  • We did not have a meeting last friday. Last Thursday, I sent Dr. Feng the revisions on Lesson 1 based on New School's feedback.
  • Today is the last deployment of the curriculum at Beeks and Harding.
  • For the next week, I plan on finalizing as much of the curriculum as possible based on the feedback we get. It is the last week of school and the exam week starts so it will be a very busy week.
  • Next Friday will be our last meeting since that's the end of teh semester. However for the people who will be here this summer, there's about five more weeks after the semester is over of curriculum deployment at New School.
April 26, 2010

  • I worked on the lessons and survey this week.
  • This coming week, I'll work on improving the lessons and coming up with more questions for the survey, since it's not long enough.